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The latest on personalized learning, blended learning, CBE and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

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#plearningframework (part 2 of our series)

When you think of “personalized,” you probably think “unique,” “special,” and “just for me.” For the most part, we personalize as much of our lives as possible. We stock our cabinets and fridges with food based on our dietary needs and what we enjoy eating. We pick apps for our phones based on what we need to do in our daily lives and what we enjoy doing (e.g., banking or launching cartoon birds with a slingshot).

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Blog Feature

#makeithappen  |  #plearning  |  #plearningframework  |  Introduction to Personalized Learning  |  New Classrooms  |  Personalized Learning  |  Personalized Learning Framework  |  Progressive Education  |  Students  |  Teachers

#PLearning #MakeitHappen

Feeling confused about personalized learning? Not sure what it means, what it looks like, how to implement or support it? You’ve come to the right place. We hope to answer your questions through our #plearning infographic series. In part one #plearning#makeithappen (below) we’ll arm you with a definition for personalized learning, examples of what it might look like in the classroom and concrete strategies and resources to support the personalized classroom. In part two #plearningframework (coming soon!), we will offer a tangible framework to make personalized learning happen in your classroom. Parts three #makeplearninghappen and four #plearning#itsateameffort will offer insight into implementation and stakeholder support, respectively.

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