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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Sam Brooks - Guest Author

Sam Brooks is the personalized-learning supervisor for the Putnam County schools in Tennessee, leading all student/teacher personalized-learning opportunities in the district, which includes online, dual enrollment, dual credit, and industry-certification options. Sam led the launch of the VITAL program in Putnam County, and is a Google-certified trainer and was recognized by the Center for Digital Education as a national Top 30 Technologists-Transformers-Trailblazers in 2014. Connect with Sam on Twitter @VITALK12 and at brookss4@pcsstn.com.

Blog Feature

District Leadership  |  Organizational Leadership & Change Management  |  School Leadership

Creating & Maintaining Community with Teams During Tough Times

March 2nd is a day that will never be forgotten in Putnam County, TN. Our small community woke up to the sirens of an EF4 tornado that rocked our community and two weeks later our school system closed when the COVID pandemic hit home all across the state of Tennessee.

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Blog Feature

Innovative Leadership  |  School Districts

Bridging the Gap in Rural Putnam County, Tennessee Through Personalized Learning

In Putnam County, Tenn., with 23 schools spread across 400 square miles, we share many of the challenges faced by our fellow rural school districts nationwide, including inconsistent attendance, long commutes, and a high "mobility rate" - the rate at which students are moving in and out of the district. Previously, Putnam County teachers had been using more traditional, often low-tech teaching methodologies. But starting eight years ago, we began to make a significant shift toward personalized and virtual learning with the goal of preparing students to be "future-ready," a term we use in Putnam County to encompass both college-and career-ready as a more flexible concept as students often work toward both at once.

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