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Nate Franz

Nate Franz is the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at the Syracuse City School District. Inspired by teaching swimming lessons, volunteering in preschools, and mentoring adolescents in group homes throughout his time at the University of Wisconsin, Nate quickly developed a deep interest for working with young people. This passion stuck with him as he relocated to Washington, DC, leading him to pursue a master’s degree in early elementary education at American University. While teaching in DC, Nate was recognized as a finalist for DC Teacher of the Year and awarded the Agnes Meyer Award by the Washington Post. Since moving to Syracuse in 2011, Nate has earned his building and district leadership certificates from Syracuse University and deepened his commitment to urban education. When he is not advocating for equity in education, Nate spends his free time transporting his two sons to their respective swimming lessons and preschools.

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It's Not About the Tech: PL and CRE

The Syracuse City School District is in the second year of our Personalized Learning (PL) initiative. Schools are at different points of learning about, designing, and implementing school-based models to tailor student experiences to their unique strengths, needs, and interests. The PL work in SCSD is anchored in Education Elements’ Core 4:  Integrated Digital Content, Data-Driven Decisions, Targeted Instruction, and Student Ownership & Reflection.

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