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The latest on personalized learning, blended learning, CBE and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Justin DeLeon

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What is the Missing Step in Your District’s Strategic Plan?

All districts have strategic plans. For many districts, they are the most expensive document created in a given year. Getting to a final draft usually takes several months or more and requires the time of many staff and community members. There are committees, meetings, surveys, reviews, discussions and multiple rounds of revision.

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Leaders  |  School Districts

How Can "Sprints" Help Schools and Districts?

Ah, the joy of grade-level meetings.  In my past life as a public school teacher, I attended them every Tuesday morning at 7:45 AM.  All the teachers on my team met to learn about new school and district mandates, plan field trips, and vent about challenging students and how to help them.  Even with the most well-intentioned teacher planning and running the meetings, rarely did they result in a list of clear actions with clear owners and clear deadlines.

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EdTech  |  Personalized Learning

Highlight, our personalized learning platform

  Personalized Learning is coming to life in innovative classrooms across the country and Highlight is here to help. Whether you need easy access to digital content, a more efficient way to analyze student data or a district wide perspective on content usage, Highlight can help.  

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Digital Content  |  EdTech  |  Highlight

Less Interpreting Data & More Acting On It? Yes Please!

  If you are reading this blog post, more than likely you are one of those “Blended Learning” folks who uses a mix of “ed tech” to liven up your classroom and make learning more effective for your students.  In taking this approach, you have probably learned that there is no single application, website or program that will meet all the diverse needs and requirements of your school or classroom.  You have standards to meet, students to support, models to implement and the list goes on.  To help you meet these requirements you likely blend a set of digital tools and curricula with offline small group or independent learning.

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#plearningframework  |  Personalized Classroom  |  Personalized Learning  |  Personalized Learning Framework  |  Students  |  Teachers

#plearningframework (part 2 of our series)

When you think of “personalized,” you probably think “unique,” “special,” and “just for me.” For the most part, we personalize as much of our lives as possible. We stock our cabinets and fridges with food based on our dietary needs and what we enjoy eating. We pick apps for our phones based on what we need to do in our daily lives and what we enjoy doing (e.g., banking or launching cartoon birds with a slingshot).

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#makeithappen  |  #plearning  |  #plearningframework  |  Introduction to Personalized Learning  |  New Classrooms  |  Personalized Learning  |  Personalized Learning Framework  |  Progressive Education  |  Students  |  Teachers

#PLearning #MakeitHappen

Feeling confused about personalized learning? Not sure what it means, what it looks like, how to implement or support it? You’ve come to the right place. We hope to answer your questions through our #plearning infographic series. In part one #plearning#makeithappen (below) we’ll arm you with a definition for personalized learning, examples of what it might look like in the classroom and concrete strategies and resources to support the personalized classroom. In part two #plearningframework (coming soon!), we will offer a tangible framework to make personalized learning happen in your classroom. Parts three #makeplearninghappen and four #plearning#itsateameffort will offer insight into implementation and stakeholder support, respectively.

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