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Elizabeth Lambert

Elizabeth Lambert is a Design Principal on the Design & Implementation team, collaborating with schools to promote innovation in education in order to enhance the classroom experience for teachers and students. Elizabeth spent twenty years as a classroom teacher in a variety of districts, including Boston Public Schools, New York City Public Schools and Fulton County, Georgia. During this time, she served as department chair and instructional coach for developing teachers. Elizabeth has participated in many professional development experiences including presenting at the National Writing Project’s annual conference, serving as a Common Core Fellow in NYC and even traveling to Cuba as a Fund For Teachers grant awardee. She holds a B.A. in English from Georgetown University, an M.A. in Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University, an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from University of Massachusetts, Boston and an Ed.S. degree in Teacher Leadership from Thomas University. While Elizabeth is proud of her New Jersey roots, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, son and two dogs where she lives to hike, read and watch her son shred at the skatepark.

Blog Feature

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Supporting Students with a Justice Lens

Like many this past year, I suffered the effects of deprivation from proximity – that is to say, I miss humans. It was this dearth of face-to-face interaction that led me, quite fortuitously, to reach out to Brittany Barnett, founder and president of the nonprofit organization Girls Embracing Mothers [GEM] to seek out volunteering opportunities. Renowned criminal justice advocate, decorated corporate lawyer, and best-selling author, Brittany is a force of nature. After experiencing the incarceration of her mother, Brittany says, “I found this heightened sense of compassion and empathy in me that I never knew toward a group of people we were often taught to stereotype and ignore – people in prison. Her incarceration impacted me deeply.” She was inspired to start the GEM program as a means of connecting girls with their incarcerated mothers through facilitated monthly visits and ongoing systems of support like character cultivation workshops and events. With the COVID shutdown and cessation of prison visits, Brittany and her team have responded by pivoting to a monthly virtual curriculum where the girls are able to connect with one another, process their experience around maternal incarceration, and gain the tools necessary to lead successful and empowered lives. Much like we at Education Elements help decision-makers in the K-12 sphere reimagine systems of education, Brittany seeks to reimagine systems of justice and, through a multi-pronged approach, to specifically address the following question: “How do we work to really empower girls, especially girls from multi-marginalized communities to embrace their voice, amplify their voice and empower them to soar?”

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