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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Dr. Patrick Ward, Kelly Freiheit, and Megan Campion

Patrick Ward is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Mayfield City Schools. He has served in this role for three years. Prior to this assignment, Patrick was a High School Building Principal, Associate Principal for Curriculum and Staff Development and a science educator. Areas of professional interest include change leadership, personalized learning and building collaborative cultures. In his free time, Patrick enjoys running, reading and teaching graduate level courses in Educational Administration and Leadership at Ursuline College. Kelly Freiheit is an Associate Partner on the Design and Implementation Team. Kelly is a former blended learning science teacher from Charlotte, NC. Kelly was a part of the Opportunity Culture positions with Project L.I.F.T. in North Carolina, where she was recognized as a Blended Learning Teacher in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Kelly was recognized as Meck Ed Teacher of the Year in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the 2013-2014 school year. During her time at Education Elements, she’s supported over 16 school districts and coached approximately 99 principals to lead innovative changes in their building. Megan Campion is an Associate Partner on the Design and Implementation Team. Megan came to Education Elements with extensive experience working in schools as a teacher and administrator, and with schools as a program manager and consultant. Megan began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher at an independent school in McLean, Virginia. She transitioned into teaching middle school history in her second year of teaching, and spent her time as a teacher creating student-centered, inquiry-based learning experiences for students. SShe went on to work with a technology and research company as an associate director of research, working with school districts across the country on school and district climate studies, leadership transition plans, and community engagement projects.

Blog Feature

Innovative Leadership

How Responsive Practices are Transforming the Student Experience in Mayfield City Schools

Late August is a lovely time to visit Northeastern Ohio, and as educational leaders around the country are asking, “How might we transform the learning experiences for all students in our district?” a visit to Mayfield City Schools is a must-do if you find yourself in the Cleveland area. As a learning organization, we seek out innovators who are impacting the educational landscape, and our hope is to help connect them with each other, and to share what they have learned with partners in our network. Dr. Patrick Ward, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at Mayfield City Schools, is one such innovator. 

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