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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Dr. Ken Eastwood, Superintendent, Middletown City School District, NY

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Innovative Leadership  |  Personalized Learning  |  School Districts

Reflections on Why Our District Personalizes

In Middletown, we are personalizing education, not standardizing it! In 2004, the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, New York, found itself in a whole lot of academic trouble. We knew that we were not necessarily any different than most other high-minority/high-poverty school districts; our performance numbers of a 54% graduation rate and an even a greater percentage of students who were not proficient in either math or literacy mirrored other similar school districts. Over the next few years things seemed to become more problematic

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Blog Feature

Innovative Leadership  |  Personalized Learning  |  School Districts

Sustaining Personalized Learning: Problems and Suggestions to Reverse the Trend of Education Failure in United States

In an era in which many districts are considering making significant pedagogical shifts in their districts (such as the shift to personalized learning or other models of teaching and learning), the idea of how to make those shifts last longer than the tenure of a leader is more important than ever. As the superintendent of the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, a district undertaking several big initiatives, I am keenly aware of the importance of making the work we are doing stick.

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