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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Dr. Eric Hibbs

Dr. Hibbs is currently serving in his fourth year as the Superintendent of the Marlboro Township School District in Marlboro, New Jersey. Dr. Hibbs is passionate about personalized learning, digital tools, and everything Google. As the educational leader of his district, Dr. Hibbs has designed a systems process for personalized learning. This involves the effective use of digital tools in order to individualize learning for his students. Dr. HIbbs was chosen to be in the second cohort for the Lexington Educational Leadership Award (LELA) for his efforts and passion about personalizing learning for students. Dr. Hibbs is also extremely passionate about the Google platform. In his district, he personally develops and deploys Google professional development for his staff. This involves personalizing professional development and disseminating relevant Google updates to his staff. Google is constantly evolving and changing. Dr. Hibbs has earned a Level 1 & 2 Google Certified Educator Certification, and he keeps his staff updated of the changes and improvements to the Google platform. He has presented on multiple occasions his systems plan for Google professional development. Dr. Hibbs is a constant advocate for educational technology. He deployed a 1:1 initiative of chromebooks in his district; he is constantly piloting new technology initiatives and opportunities in his district. A firm believer in the systems process, Dr. Hibbs uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act philosophy. Dr. Hibbs is currently an adjunct professor at Rowan University and teaches multiple courses. He has presented at NJSBA, New Jersey TECHSPO, Monmouth County Professional Development Days, and at the Monmouth County Superintendents and Curriculum Roundtables. A firm believer in lifelong education, Dr. Hibbs earned his doctorate in educational leadership at Rowan University.

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PL Superpowers - My Journey to Personalized Learning Superpower Stardom

I was blessed to become a Personalized Learning Lexington Education Leadership Award Fellow (2nd Class) back in December of 2015. Education Elements not only influenced my personal work, but it motivated me to make learning meaningful for my students (all 4,970) in an exceptional way. My work in personalized learning has been inspirational in my district. Every district educational leader will always answer yes to certain questions. So, if you ask leaders if they use data to drive instruction, the answer will be yes. If you ask if leaders embed small group learning into their districts, the answer will be yes. If you ask if leaders utilize digital tools to help students make educational learning gains, the answer will be yes.

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