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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Courtney Flanders, Jason Broussard, and Justin de Leon

Courtney Flanders is a Design Principal on the Design & Implementation Team, working with districts and their school teams to improve educational outcomes for all students and enhance learning experiences. She began her education career with Teach For America, teaching high school English in both traditional and projects-based-learning classrooms before moving into school leadership. In 2014, Courtney co-founded The Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy, a personalized learning high school in Dallas ISD funded in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates NGSI. Jason Broussard is a Design Principal on the Design & Implementation Team, working with school districts to build and support innovative and equitable systems so every student receives the education they deserve. He went on to be a founding teacher at the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy, Dallas ISD’s first Personalized Learning HS, and from there joined Dallas ISD's Personalized Learning Department as the Manager of Campus Coaching where he worked with school teams to implement and sustain personalized learning on their campuses. Justin de Leon is a Partner and joined Education Elements in 2012. He began his career in education teaching English at Brownsville Middle School in Miami-Dade. In his first year, he shifted from a traditional model to a blended model as a way to personalize and saw management issues disappear and achievement increase. During several school years, Justin worked with Teach for America to provide mentoring, coaching and professional development to ELA corps members. After moving to the west coast, he gained experience in the charter world while teaching ELA at KIPP Heartwood Academy in San Jose, CA.

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Virtual Learning

Three Dimensions of Distance Learning in Action

"Resilience doesn’t just mean getting back to normal after facing a difficult situation. It means learning from the process in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge.” – Quote by Donna Volpitta shared in Inside the Box by George Couros A little more than a month ago, school teams transitioned to distance learning arguably overnight. In doing so, we quickly saw the cracks in our school systems, such as equity, access, social-emotional learning, and experiences that empower students to be more self-directed. Now more than ever we need to learn from the process of shifting remotely, so we become stronger and better at addressing the cracks in the system that are being exacerbated by this pandemic. Otherwise, what was it all for?

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