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Planning for Long-Term
Virtual Learning
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Planning for Long-Term Virtual Learning


Now that you’ve kicked-off virtual learning, what comes next? This webinar will share key decisions to proactively plan for virtual learning past the first initial weeks. As districts begin planning for extended closures, leaders are asking how to facilitate student learning past the first round of emergency remote learning plans. We share strategies to leverage existing resources and people to create a wider range of meaningful learning experiences that support and engage all students.

This webinar shares:

  • Consider how best to leverage current resources and expertise to facilitate virtual learning

  • Develop support systems for teachers and leaders to leverage their expertise

  • Create a virtual learning “master schedule” that offers a wider range of learning opportunities

This is the first in a series of webinars. The second webinar will focus on how school leadership teams can plan to support instructional delivery, setup virtual PLC structures, and build virtual/distant culture for students and families.


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