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Equity in School Closings
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Equity in School Closures


Teachers and leaders of our education system are the best people for our kids and their future. Their daily efforts to close achievement gaps, provide new opportunities for kids, and ultimately create those lightbulb moments that illuminate each child's potential is nothing short of inspiring.

However, these unprecedented times are creating a challenge that we haven't seen in America, making it difficult for even the best educators to reach all of their students.

Through an idea-generating conversation facilitated by the Education Elements team, we will bring educators from across the country together virtually to initiate a conversation about how inequities in education are exacerbated during times of crisis and the questions it raises for how we educate our future.

We are looking for educators to engage with us in a virtual panel where you all are the experts debating about our current reality. Through an interactive session of questions and ideation, we want all of our participants to leave with thoughts that will invoke future change for their respective communities. Through this session, we will:

  • Take a deeper look at the challenge of school being unavailable for most of our nation's students
  • Open a dialogue between educators about how the inequities in education show up in times of crisis
  • Hear from teachers and leaders from across the country about their solutions and best practices
  • Create a space to ask questions and bring untested ideas about equity to the table


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