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The NEW Team Habits
Virtual Book Launch Party
October 18, 2019 Webinar

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Missed the party? No problem! We've got your back!

While there are lots of books and ideas out there about how individual habits can change lives, Anthony Kim, Keara Mascareñaz, and Kawai Lai teamed up to create a very visual book about how team habits can change organizations.

The New Team Habits comes out later this month. The authors created this workbook with schools and educational teams in mind, but it's great for any organization that just wants better meetings, projects, and learning on their teams...really, this is a universal desire.

Here are the slides from our launch party! The very talented Kawai drew all kinds of fun stuff while the co-authors were introducing the book, the ideas behind it, and what to expect in it.



Here's what you can do next while you're waiting for the book release:


New Team Habits Virtual Book Launch



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