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The Impact of Equity:
From Cradle to Careers
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The Impact of Equity: From Cradle to Careers

In our rapidly changing world, the full impact of COVID-19 is yet to be determined. It may take years before we are able to reflect on our new reality and the new world that has been created. These realities will continue to raise the question of what equity will look like for the next generation of students and citizens. The one absent voice has been the voice of that next generation.

In this conversation, David Hardy, Managing Partner at Education Elements, will engage in a reunion of sorts with four of his former students (Tonie Chase, Jaryd Jones, Wayne Harding, Briana Thomas) who are now a year away from college graduation and entering this new normal as college graduates looking to find their place in the world. We will hear from them about the lessons they have learned in their education journey and what is needed to create educational equity for those that follow them.


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