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Tactics to Tackle 2022:
Addressing What's Most Pressing for Educators

Educational leaders cite three urgent issues based on a 2021 national poll. To understand these issues and share approaches that leaders are considering to this host of challenges, Ed Elements has partnered with XanEdu publishing. Join us for the release of the white paper describing the survey results, or take a deeper dive into any one of these popular strategies.


Webinar Schedule

You can also choose to register for any of the following individual webinars below. Each webinar is one hour long. 

  • Tuesday, January 25th @ 11am EST- Responsive Leadership: Elements of Leadership to Address Top Priorities [Register Here]
  • Tuesday, February 1st @ 2pm EST -Teaching History From A New Perspective By Connecting To Community [Register Here]
  • Tuesday, February 8th @ 11am EST- Personalizing within the Curriculum: High Quality Instructional Materials as a Lever for Student-Centered Learning [Register Here]
  • Thursday, February 17th @ 11am EST - Better than Lasso: Coaching to Teachers and Teams [Register Here]
  • Rescheduling (Original Date of February 24th)- Redesigning Schools to Embrace Today's Conditions [Registration Coming Soon]
  • Tuesday, March 1st @ 11am EST- Stakeholder Surveys: A Unique Lens into Your School's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Culture [Register Here]
  • Tuesday, March 8th @ 11am EST - Yours, Mine, OUR- Care: Educator Wellness + Self- Care Redesign Tips [Register Here]


Please note that additional webinars may be added to this series.  If you register for the series you will automatically be registered for any additional webinars. 

Save your spot for the series by submitting the form on this page.  We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar!




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