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Being a Small District Doesn't Mean You Can't Think Big.

Education Elements works with small districts to ensure that the size of the district does not decrease the number of opportunities.


Small districts come with small teams and small budgets so they know how to do more with less. Moving from a vision to the reality of student-centered learning environments is difficult with limited capacity. Sometimes to do something big you need an extra helping hand. Our team has supported districts with as few as 500 students to design and implement new instructional models - through work with districts one-on-one and through consortiums.

Uinta County School District #1, WY

In 2014, Uinta County School District 1 knew that they wanted to do more to support student-centered learning but did not know where to start. Since then, we have worked with them to support schools as they design classrooms where the experience is personalized for every student.

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Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY

Although small for a city district, the majority of Middletown students come from poverty. The district wanted to close the achievement gap between white and minority students, as well as lower their dropout rate. Education Elements started working with them in 2013 and over four years we have transformed the district together.

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Yuma School District One, AZ

When Yuma decided to implement personalized learning, they decided to go big and launched in all 17 schools in their district at the same time. With our support they designed and implemented personalized learning successfully in all their schools, with an eye on continuous improvement and a passion for doing what is best for every student in their district.

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Personalized Learning in the State of New York

Learn how 5 New York districts have made big changes - their successes, challenges and lessons learned

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