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Simma Reingold, Managing Partner

I’ve always been a problem solver. As a kid I was the designated pathfinder, using maps to chart family road trips and monitor progress towards our destination. I still think of myself as a pathfinder, co-piloting as school and district leadership embark on an often challenging course from strategy to a successful implementation and execution.

Throughout my career as a consultant, I’ve been challenged with complex puzzles across many industries - including healthcare, energy, finance, and higher education. None of these sparked my inner fire and passion until I started working with students and teachers. I’ve had the privilege to partner with some of our largest cities and urban districts to creatively explore how we can close the achievement gap and expand equitable learning experiences for all students. I’ve learned how important it is to listen, learn and connect with each community - sometimes that brings me to local activist meetings or to a high school basketball game (and definitely to a neighborhood yoga studio, namaste).

Being a member of the Education Elements team means that I get to work every day with many of education’s most innovative thinkers and problem solvers. Together, I am confident that we can design solutions and create environments that help all learners achieve their goals.


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Simma loves biking Simma is very close to her grand parents Simma enjoys hiking at the Grand Canyon  Simma is Yoga savvy


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