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Shelby McIntosh
Managing Partner

I began my career in education as a high school teacher in Flower Mound, Texas, where I worked hard to help each of my students love learning and recognize their own potential. After 6 years in the classroom, I left to pursue a career in education policy, hoping to broaden my opportunity to affect change. Through my doctoral studies at George Mason University, and as a research associate at The Center on Education Policy at George Washington University, I studied teacher perceptions of college and career readiness, assessment and accountability policies, and school turnaround strategies. 

Eager to be more connected with local school systems, once I finished my doctoral degree I joined K12 Insight to collect community perception data for school superintendents. Eventually, that role evolved into consulting district leadership teams on topics like school climate, student engagement, employee retention, strategic planning, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Through each of these professions, my mission has been to create equitable experiences and opportunities for all learners. I was born into a family of public servants and raised in a town where race and class were far better predictors of postsecondary success than grade point averages and SAT scores. Watching the impact education had on the lives of my parents and my classmates has led me to devote my career to helping public education be the great equalizer it was intended to be.

I joined Education Elements because the organization’s mission is so closely aligned with my own. And because in the age of EdTech, Education Elements is one of the few companies committed to providing consulting services and customizing those services to best meet the needs of their customers.


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