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Exit School Improvement with Us

We have a proven track record of moving targeted schools off state accountability lists.

In the 2022-2023 school year alone, more than 20 school districts have had success using our hands-on professional support and monitoring tools, and have schools off the accountability list. And of our campuses that were rated as F or D within two years, they are now rated as A or B.

School Improvement expert

Trusted By Districts Just Like Yours

What Makes Us Different

School Improvement Breadth of Work

Breadth of Our Work

We have collected more than a million responses to our surveys, and have worked with hundreds of schools and districts, multiple state agencies, and almost two dozen regional networks.

School Improvement Wrap Around Support

We provide wrap-around supports

We stay with you and provide our “wrap-around support” and data collection and analysis in order to get to the target outcomes each school and district designates. The result: we help you actually achieve your student achievement and performance goals.

School Improvement Side by Side

We work side-by-side with you

 Our PLC School Improvement team works side-by-side with our schools, guiding, facilitating, modeling and judiciously implementing critical structures. Our approach is “hands on'' comprehensive, and results based. 

School Improvement Experts

We are experts in the field

Our Associates are not only educational experiences practitioners, but also are current on research and best practices. All professional learning is delivered in a learning-by-doing highly participatory manner. This allows staff to immediately apply learnings.

EE testimonial quotes"One of our buildings was removed from the Focus List and labeled a school in good standing. I can say without reservation that [your team] played a big role in this achievement. I would highly recommend any district looking to improve instruction for its students."


Reporting and Analysis

  • Principals and district leaders can quickly gauge where to focus
  • Track progress over time and set goals for professional learning and improvement
  • Progress against more than 100 performance benchmarks
PLC Performance Scan page 1
1 Overview table of a school districts' assets, emerging strengths, and possible risks, as measured by the Data Triangle School Performance Scan survey. Results are summarized for the district overall and by school level.
PLC Performance Scan page 2
2 Breakdown of Data Triangle item-level responses across all participating schools in a district
PLC Performance Scan page 3
3 Chart visualizations of Data Triangle item-level responses across all participating schools in a district
PLC Performance Scan page 4
4 Breakdown of Data Triangle item-level responses at specific school levels (e.g., elementary)
PLC Performance Scan page 5
5 Comparison of Data Triangle item-level responses over time (i.e., current school year and previous year administrations)
Areas of Expertise

Tripod Illustration Library_Data Triangle People COLOR BKGND BUT TRANSPARENTData Triangle Progress Monitoring Tool

The Data Triangle tool helps education leaders improve their school culture and drive better decision making by triangulating input from students, staff, and families. It has been widely used by schools and has a response rate of greater than one million. It is designed to reflect the research and best practices, the protocol has been certified, and includes more than 100 performance benchmarks for the key practices required for high performance.

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Tripod Illustration Library_Principal meet with teachers TRANSPARENTLeadership Team Coaching

A program designed to give school leaders the specific competencies to impact teaching and learning and establish the structures, practices, and systems that drive student achievement and school success. We assign a coach to your school for the purposes of building the capacity of your school leadership team. We will also help your school leaders conduct targeted walkthroughs, engage in high-impact coaching conversations with staff and become experts in the essential research and best practices that support excellence in instruction.

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Tripod Illustration Library_Adult helping child TRANSPARENTHigh-Quality Instructional Support

High-impact content, based upon research and best practices. Includes:
bullett pointStudent ownership of learning and learning targets
bullett pointHigh student engagement
bullett pointHigher-order complex questioning
bullett pointChecking for understanding and targeted feedback;
bullett pointDifferentiated instruction and practice

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Tripod Illustration Library_Colleague presents data to two adults TRANSPARENTStrengthening the school district’s development of professional learning communities

Modify the very culture of the organization and the assumptions, roles, relationships, and norms that make up the culture. We provide best practices from field experts so that all are able to benefit from the works of contributors. Our process includes:
bullett pointLaying the Foundation
bullett pointMetrics to establish baseline
bullett pointSet goals and progress monitor
bullett pointOrganizing the Work
bullett pointSecuring Culture and a Results Orientation

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School Improvement & Redesign: Built on a Foundation of Knowing What Works

School Improvement & Redesign: Built on a Foundation of Knowing What Works

Our latest paper provides an in-depth look at how our PLC School Improvement process, purposefully designed for results, has helped hundreds of schools exit school improvement status.

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