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Reimagine Hiring: 3-Part Discussion Series

Continue the conversation with us from the Reimagine Hiring virtual event hosted this past spring.

We believe the hiring process needs to change to reflect the impact of COVID and remote learning, the evolving expectations of new hires, the need to become more inclusive and equitable, as well as the desire to build a strong foundation for retention. 

We invite district leaders to join us for a 3-part discussion series exploring ways to re-design your hiring process, from selecting the right candidates to interviewing and onboarding. 

  • Discussion 1: Targeting Talent | June 30th
  • Discussion 2: Intentional Interviewing | July 21st 
  • Discussion 3: Onboarding with Purpose | August 18th


Event Details

Date: Wednesdays, June 30th, July 21st, August 18th

Time: All Sessions hosted 7-8am PST / 10-11am EST 

Format: Large and small group discussions hosted on Zoom.

Sign Up: Complete the form on this page and we'll send you a confirmation email + calendar invite with a link to join us live for each discussion. 


About the discussions:

Targeting Talent: How can you make sure you’re looking for the right talent? Accurately identifying the skills that your future employees need in their roles is an important first step in the hiring process. Taking the time to define your candidate profile sets you up to find candidates who will be a good fit with your school district now and in the future. Together we’ll talk about how to create your candidate profile.


Intentional Interviewing: How can you select the right candidate(s) for your open roles? Applying  a structured interview process to your candidate evaluation positions your school district to objectively measure the skills you need your teammates to have. A structured approach helps you protect against interviewer bias and helps you measure what matters from your candidates. Together we’ll talk about how to structure your interview process and share an interview question bank.


Onboarding with Purpose: How can you set new hires up for success? Determining the initial competencies you want your new teammates to focus on as they get started in their new role can help them find early success. Together we’ll talk about targeting strategic short-term goals with new hires and how to make the most of your onboarding process.


The speakers featured in this video participated in the Reimagine Hiring Opening Panel held on March 24, 2021.  They share 8 tips for redesigning your staff and teacher hiring process in 2021. 





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