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Raising All Voices:
Bringing Your Whole Self to the
"New" Educational Workplace

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This webinar is being rescheduled, but registration is still open.  We will notify you once the new date and time are confirmed. (Originally date was July 7th at 11am PT / 2pm ET)


Raising All Voices: Bringing Your Whole Self to the "New" Educational Workplace

The current state of education is a result of the uncertainty created by the invisible. There have been drastic shifts to homes becoming schools. Family members are becoming teachers, and teachers are becoming teachers of their own children for the better part of the last half of the academic year.

We have come to an inflection point about who we are and what we can and should bring to the workplace. Now, more than ever, we can define how we bring ourselves to our work.

In a conversation with former Chief Family Officer, Arliss Prass, and Jermaine Gassaway, an author and Principal of a charter School in Tennessee, we will explore this idea of what it means to bring one's whole self to our new educational workplace. They will provide insight for families and teachers who see themselves in a space where they have never been before, yet are needed there more than ever.

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