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Kim Childress, Hartford Public Schools (CT)

Personalized Learning Superhero

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personalized learning superhero

Name: Kim Childress

Role: Instructional Coach at Bulkeley High School

District: Hartford Public Schools (CT); 22,000 students

Years in education: 16

Years district has worked with Education Elements: 2

About Kim: Kim serves as site coordinator of the district’s student-centered learning focus. She does everything from helping distribute Chromebooks, to planning professional development, to pulling data for professional learning community meetings. School leaders and teachers praise Kim as an unsung hero in this work because of her ability to make things happen “behind the scenes.”

What are you most proud of this past year? “I’m most proud of the alignment of the work we’re doing across the years. We started focusing on student-centered learning three years ago, and now we have really aligned professional development with district-level work. It’s been very gratifying. It’s not a one-and-done thing. We have purpose behind what we’re doing.”

What is one thing you wish your teachers had known about you when you were a student? “I wish teachers knew that I was an introvert—just because I was a good student didn’t mean I wanted to stand in front of the class and share. I needed time to process what I was learning.”

Follow Kim on Twitter: @ChildressBHS


“Kim is all about sharing best practices. As soon as something we feel is successful at our building, she is looking for ways to make sure other schools are hearing about it. That’s really important to me as a teacher, and that really makes her stand out among others who are doing really good work.” –Justin Taylor, Bulkeley High School Social Studies Teacher


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