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In Personalized Learning, Mindset is key

Start your Personalized Learning Journey with Education Elements

Key takeaways of the personalized learning playbook

Personalized Learning Playbook Key Take-Aways

  • Focus on the right stuff, iterate and try. Don't just think and plan. You have to start somewhere.

  • Reflect on how you've recently learned something first before thinking about how to teach others. How we learn today has changed significantly from the past.

  • Technology enables global real-time collaboration and information. Information is free. Personal brand reigns with our current generation of students.

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About anthony

Anthony Kim, Author of the Personalized Learning Playbook, and CEO of Education Elements

Anthony Kim is the CEO and founder of Education Elements, the leading provider of personalized learning solutions to school districts, with offices in San Francisco, CA, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh, PA. A seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for education innovation, he was inspired in part by the gap he saw between the technology used for consumer and business purposes compared to education. 

Anthony sold an earlier company, Provost Systems, which provided comprehensive solutions to school districts for virtual education, to EdisonLearning (formerly Edison Schools) in 2008 and served as Executive Vice President of Online at EdisonLearning until 2010. In 2010 he had the opportunity to work closely with KIPP Empower in Los Angeles to develop one of the early blended learning models, which later led to the launch of Education Elements.

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