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Personalized learning and effective technology integration make it possible to meet diverse student needs

After implementing personalized learning in all 17 schools with the support of Education Elements,
Yuma Elementary School District One saw enrollment increase for the first time in 10 years.


additional students enrolled in Fall 2017, the first enrollment increase in 10 years


of teachers say that their school has been supportive of their professional growth

Yuma District One, AZ

Yuma Elementary School District One (Yuma) is the largest elementary school district in Yuma County with nearly 9,000 K-8 students across 17 school sites. Yuma is near the U.S.-Mexico border and supports a diverse range of students, including children of migrant workers and military families.


The Challenge

For 10 consecutive years, Yuma faced declining enrollment. The district wanted to be the premier district in their area to provide innovative programs, districtwide technology, and personalized instructional models to meet the needs of their students.

How We Helped

With the motto of “ONE Community Pursuing Excellence,” Yuma opted to launch personalized learning at all of their 17 schools in SY 2015-2016 to ensure they all went together.

Education Elements contributed to Yuma’s significant teacher support and communication efforts. Yuma changed their schedule to allow for more early release days for teacher professional development. They invested significantly in communicating personalized learning to families, including information in in both English and Spanish language media. To generate excitement prior to launch, the district placed a "Countdown to Personalized Learning" on their website and purchased billboards in the community that said “Personalized Learning: It’s all About Me.”

The Results

  • Last year, after one year of personalized learning, Yuma saw their enrollment stabilize. As of Fall 2018, after two years of personalized learning, enrollment is up by 180 students - an increase of over 2 percent!

"Everyone has received tremendous support from Education Elements. Every single training that my teachers have been in feels like it's tailor-made for them and addressing their specific needs."

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