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Collaborating between districts to transform teaching and learning in an entire region

WFL BOCES teamed up with Education Elements to create a collaborative model for designing and implementing personalized learning across the entire region.

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, NY

The Wayne-Finger Lakes (WFL) region, located in central New York state, encompasses 25 school districts. The districts vary from very small, rural districts serving 650 students to small-city school districts serving 4,300 students.

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) supports these 25 component districts by providing educational services and opportunities for districts to collaborate.

The Challenge

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES wanted to support the districts in rethinking teaching and learning models in a cost-efficient way. Although all 25 districts are committed to personalizing learning for students, they needed different options that would meet their academic and financial needs.

How We Helped

The WFL BOCES teamed up with Education Elements to create these different pathways. Some districts wanted intensive, direct consulting support. Other districts wanted to collaborate for both shared learning experiences and for cost savings. Education Elements created a consortium model so districts could band together to work with both us and their neighboring districts.

Currently, Education Elements supports the BOCES instructional program and 12 districts in the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES region - six in an individual support model, and six in a consortium model.

The Results

Across all our districts, we are already seeing a lot of success in the classrooms: students are more engaged, feeling more confident, and taking more ownership in their learning.

Across the entire region, districts are collaborating together, sharing ideas and learning from each other's experiences.

"After initial reservations about the gravity of this work in the consortium model, I can't say enough about our positive experience with Ed Elements. Ed Elements' focus on the WHY behind such an enormous shift in instructional practice has helped Gananda frame our work, communicate our rationale, secure teacher buy-in and most importantly provide students with voice and choice. They provided me with the structure, resources, and support necessary to turn this work around in the district and increase student empowerment."

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