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OER Adoption

Open Educational Resources (OER) K-12

Open Educational Resources don't feel "free" when they save money but waste time

Our team knows how to help you make the most of Open Educational Resources and can support you with your OER adoption process.

Implementing OER effectively can be challenging

The increasing accessibility of OER (Open Educational Resources) creates a need for schools and districts to understand, evaluate, support, and monitor the types of freely available resources. Without these systems and a strategy for oversight, teachers and students may not have the time or the framework to sort through millions of free resources that range greatly in quality and could be at risk for potentially misusing copyrighted materials. The ability to understand and appropriately use OER enables districts to offer students access to significant, relevant content.

oer adoption

We support school districts with their OER adoption in several ways:

  • We provide professional development to help districts understand the current landscape of OER, OER providers, and implementation options
  • We conduct strategy sessions to develop a district roadmap for implementing OER with a focus on a textbook elimination and/or reduction
  • We train pilot teachers to implement OER


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