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In this expert panel, Anthony Kim interviews Superintendent Amy Creeden (Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY) and Dr. Rick Robins (Canyons School District, UT) about how they have used the 3 key principles of effective implementation to fuel success at their schools. 


Key Highlights Include:

  • The importance of engaging all stakeholders (students, staff, families, community members) in the planning process to get buy-in
  • Being flexible - adjusting plans as needed based on feedback loops and data, not rigidly sticking to the original plan
  • Using metrics to track progress and measure success of implementation
  • Building leadership capacity by providing professional development so leaders can carry the implementation message
  • Creating growth opportunities (e.g. micro-credentials) for staff to support the vision and implementation
  • Allowing some "messiness" and risk-taking in trying new things rather than demanding perfect implementation

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About the Presenters

Anthony Kim_Round HeadshotAnthony Kim is a Corwin Press best-selling author, with publications including The New Team HabitsThe New School Rules, and The Personalized Learning Playbook. His writing ranges from topics including the future of work, leadership and team motivation, improving the way we work, and innovation in systems-based approaches to organizations and school design. Anthony believes that how we work is the key determinant to the success of any organization. In addition to his writing, Anthony is the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Education Elements, a Scholarus Learning Company. Anthony is a trusted partner to districts and educators nationwide and has been the founder of several companies.

AmySuperintendent Amy Creeden of Enlarged City School District of Middletown in New York has been intentional with the scale of her district’s initiatives. She has carefully leveraged roles across the district to support implementation and progress monitoring of strategic improvement. Her district has been identified as a “First Bell” New York State district, and NYSED selected them for the chancellor’s visit on the first day of this school year.


Rick Robins headshotDr. Rick L. Robins is the Superintendent of Canyons School District in Utah. Prior to joining Canyons, Dr. Robins, who earned an Ed.D. from the University of Las Vegas, was Superintendent of the Juab School District, based in Nephi, Utah, for six years. Innovations he led in Juab included a partnership with Arizona State University for blended-learning opportunities; the launch of a districtwide competency-based personalized learning model driven by a 1:1 technology initiative and standards-based reporting system; and the construction of the STEM-focused West Campus Innovations Center, funded largely through private and corporate sponsorships. In 2014, he earned the Lexington Institute Superintendent Fellowship Award presented to innovative superintendents across the country.