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New York Data Culture Mini Conference

Join experts and practitioners for a series of short, focused learning experiences and group discussions that explore best practices in building and nurturing data culture in school systems. During the event you will explore one of two pathways:

  • Pathway 1: Data Resources - The information we collect and prioritize: This pathway focuses on how to make decisions about the kind of data to collect and use that nurture a more inclusive data culture with a more holistic view of student success.

  • Pathway 2: Data Practices - Redefining norms and behaviors: This pathway focuses on how to help stakeholders at every level use data in a way that establishes a sustainable, responsive, and user-centered data culture.


This is not your average event...

We will kick off the event on Zoom together, but then will navigate over to YouTube where we will watch livestream video content based on your chosen pathway. We will then come back together on Zoom for small group discussions.  Overall we've had really positive feedback on this format and we hope you enjoy it too!


You’re busy. We are busy. Let’s learn together.

See you Tuesday, April 20th @ 9am - 11am EST! 



What should I expect?

The Data Culture Mini Conference runs for two hours and is a mix of short videos, reflection time, interactive video chats, and small group discussions. 


Who should attend?

Everyone belongs in data! Any New York school district leader who uses data, or wants to use data, to provide better learning experiences for students.


When signing up for this event you will choose one of two pathways listed above to customize your experience (You can change your selection during the event.) The ideas, strategies and discussion you engage in will be aligned to this pathway. Regardless of the pathway you choose, you will have access to all of the materials after the event!



Gabby Hewitt,

Associate Partner

Noah 1-1

Noah Dougherty

Associate Partner


Baltazar Benavides

Senior Design Principal



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