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Keara Mascareñaz, Managing Partner

I started working in education as a reading tutor in Los Angeles during my sophomore year in college. I was shocked by the different education experiences of students in LA district by district. I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to providing students with more equitable access to education. I joined Teach For America where I taught third-grade students on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. I then became a college coach for first generation students around the country and a history museum educator in New York City. In these roles I could support a few hundred teachers and students, but I knew changes to the public education needed to be even broader. I joined Education Elements because I wanted to support entire systems of schools to make change. I am so proud of the work we do to support hundreds of districts and thousands of students and teachers every day.

In my work at Education Elements, I focus on changing organizational culture and structures to support innovation and collaboration in and across district and school teams. I believe these systemic changes are necessary for making lasting, broad transformations to the educational opportunities of students.

On a personal note, I grew up in rural southern Oregon and care deeply about rural education. I currently live in Denver with my husband and our succulent collection.


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Keara's Work

HubSpot Video

Personalized Learning Implementation Framework

Since that time the framework has been used in hundreds of schools and districts around the country, downloaded more than 2,000 times, and leveraged as an invaluable tool to help teams articulate their strengths and areas of need when it comes to designing, launching, and scaling personalized learning.

Download the framework

Guide to Selecting Curriculum to Support Personalized Learning

Why Do Personalized Learning Districts Need To Think Differently About Curriculum And Digital Content?

Over the past five years we’ve seen districts shift from a narrow focus on blended learning (the integration of technology with face-to-face instruction) to a broader focus on personalized learning

Download the Guide

Personalized Learning Implementation Framework White Paper

This white paper is meant to provide context around why the framework was created, provide sample activities for using the framework, and, most importantly, share stories of how schools and districts have utilized the framework to make transformational changes in teaching and learning.

Download the paper

Ten Tips for Creating a Culture of Innovation

Recently it seems that innovation is a buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Need happier employees? Innovate! Need bigger profits? Innovate! Need better leadership? Innovate!

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Why Blended Learning Matters in Rural Communities

In conversations about education, we often focus on the large, urban districts that we all hear and read about. We know New York City DOE, Los Angeles USD, Houston ISD, but we often forget about the specific needs of rural communities that make up 57% of our school districts nationwide and serve more than 49 million students.

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