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Tracking Progress Towards
Equity and Excellence

Tracking towards Excellence & Equity

Focused on measuring support, press, and student engagement, our Tripod’s Suite of Experience Surveys for Students, Teachers, and Parents help school communities track progress toward both excellence and equity; and, based on results, to fine tune institutional strategies and practices toward the achievement of both.


As inputs to a focused strategy for improvement, Tripod surveys help leaders and people they serve to establish anti-racist community practices, culturally adaptive approaches to instruction and inclusive school-community cultures where both excellence and equity can prevail.

Achievable through collective intentionality, but never by accident.

Support & Academic Press

Prioritizing both excellence and equity means making sure that every child has experiences with ample doses of

(A) support for emotional security (Care and Confer), stimulation (Captivate), and understanding (Clarify and Consolidate), and

(B) press to induce rigorous thought (Challenge), persistence in the face of difficulty (Challenge), and focused time on task (Classroom Management).


Engagement in Learning

Engagement in learning comes from support and academic press. It looks like emotional security, intellectual stimulation, understanding, rigorous thinking, persistence, and time on task. And in turn leads to excellence.

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The Ultimate Guide for Student and Teacher Surveys

Everything you need to know about collecting and using surveys to improve student, teacher, family, and community outcomes in your district.


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