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Challenges We Address

Education Elements works with school districts to help them overcome whichever challenges they face and to build their capacity so they can move forward with their initiatives.

Schools and districts face a very wide range of unique challenges and are often missing the support needed to address these challenges. That’s where Education Elements shines, by providing expertise in curriculum development, instructional models, personalized learning and competency-based education, professional development, organization redesign, initiative alignment, responsive teams, innovative culture, change management, community support, building capacity – and more.

Leadership and Organizational Change for Districts

There is always pushback in the face of innovation for a number of reasons - teachers are overwhelmed with work, families are nervous about new technologies or standards. Education Elements worked with this district to create a responsive roadmap for implementing 6 core rules to transform schools and districts, using a gradual release model to work with team concerns and feedback.

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Initiative alignment in school districts

For a district with schools both urban and rural, there are a multitude of initiatives to serve the needs of students and teachers. Education Elements provided the support necessary to develop a cohesive district strategy which encompasses the districts’ diverse needs while aligning learning programs and priorities.

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100 Day Plan - The Entry Plan for an Incoming Superintendent

The struggles facing superintendents are multi-faceted – from balancing planning with action, to gathering input and making executive decisions, to accounting for diverse stakeholders with various needs. A new superintendent also needs to contend with navigating these challenges for the first time, and this superintendent worked with Education Elements to develop a plan for action and for communicating with stakeholders.

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Professional Development Budgeting Process

Across a county or district, programs with similar goals can have disparate execution and results. Education Elements worked with a county-wide system to assess professional development needs from the school to district level, collaborated with staff and leaders to redesign their PD initiatives, and bring goals and evaluation metrics into alignment.


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Focus on School, District and Regional Transformation

Education Elements Annual Report 2017-2018
Read about the impact of our work with many of our partners.

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