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Innovation Zones

For continued improvement of instruction and student learning

Innovation Zones (i-Zones), the states' way to close achievement gaps by creating space where fundamental innovation can occur alongside a system that is already in place

Innovation Zones/ Districts for Innovation Create Policy Flexibility for Personalized Learning

Innovation zones help state policy leaders identify outdated policies and regulations that may get in the way of educators designing innovative models. School leaders creating new, personalized learning models may run into policy barriers or outdated regulations, and the innovation zone allows for a waiver process to identify and remove these barriers. The terms innovation zones and districts of innovation both refer to this idea of creating space for districts and schools to innovate, identify policy barriers and remove them through waivers (the concept name varies from state to state).

As practitioners implement their models, any rules or regulations that impede the model development are brought to light and can be addressed through waivers in a state which has provided such innovation zones. 

How we helped MIZ Texas

Education Elements is thrilled to partner with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide support for school districts across Texas in their blended learning implementation. Education Elements has worked with more schools and districts to implement blended learning than any other organization, serving more than 950 schools, 200 districts, and 780,000 students nationally. We support districts to design blended learning instructional models, lead teacher professional development, develop district strategy for scale and sustainability, and effectively implement blended learning. We have experience working with and supporting diverse groups of students, teachers, and leaders from small rural districts to suburban and large urban communities.  Check it out here.


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Why Partner with Education Elements

The Education Elements team can support your goals for personalized and blended learning and math innovation zones.

  • We have deep experience in student-centered learning, school design, leadership development, strategic planning, and change management.
  • We are expert facilitators, who engage diverse groups and bring in processes and protocols that drive collaboration, alignment, and action.
  • We customize our approach based on your unique needs, taking time to learn your context. We never bring in a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • We get results. We are one of the few education consulting companies that publishes an annual impact report showing how visions and plans translated into results at the district, school, and community level.

Ways Education Elements Can Help You

We support state-level agencies:

State education leaders are looking for ways to improve the experience of all stakeholders and to maximize the return on each investment. That's where we come in. There are many ways to improve student outcomes and we help align innovation with state priorities. We take the time to get to know your context and challenges, and we customize our approach to meet your needs.

We have experience in supporting states and groups of districts with initiative alignment, change management, professional development, stakeholder buy-in, and in developing ways to scale sustainably.

We help with:

  • Planning and structure: We provide support with governance strategies, market analysis, procurement, budgeting, and more.
  • Building and developing systems that can forward innovation: We support and empower superintendents, district leaders, principals, and teachers to lead systemic change. 

Check-out some of the state-wide initiatives that we have supported.


We support schools and districts with their personalized learning & innovation needs:

  • Readiness Assessment: What are our school’s current strengths and need areas for implementing blended learning?

We visit each school and talk to teachers, students, and admins to understand where schools are as a starting point for personalized learning and any potential risks for the project, using our BL framework.

Sample: Readiness Assessment Overview


  • District Strategy: What is our vision for personalized learning? What are our design expectations for schools? How will we train and support teachers and students?

We help you develop a District Personalized Learning Council and lead them through a series of four strategy sessions to make decisions across schools and classrooms. This creates a coherent vision and support plan for all teachers. We ensure that there is alignment between what is happening at the school and district level.

Sample: District Design Blueprint


  • Teacher Professional Development: How will we prepare teachers to launch personalized learning? What will our instructional models look like? How will we support students in this new model of learning?

We believe the best way to train teachers is by modeling best practices through hands-on workshops. We typically lead a series of five personalized learning workshops: Foundations, Design, Steps To Launch, Reflect & Iterate, Reflect & Plan using the core four of personalized learning, or your own customized strategies. The planning grant support includes the first two workshops to set a strong foundation for implementation. 

Sample: Teacher Personalized  Learning Models


  • Measuring Impact: How will we measure the impact and effectiveness of our personalized learning implementation?

We provide surveys and classroom observation tools that can be customized to your schools and districts and are used to help measure the impact and effectiveness of personalized learning.

Sample: Measuring Impact


Connect With Us to Learn About How We Can Help

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