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How to Design a Responsive Return Plan for Schools

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide


How to Design a Responsive Return Plan: An Overview

As schools and districts grapple with the long-term impacts of unforeseen circumstances and crises, it's important to consider the role of responsive planning in order to successfully pivot when needed. Educators, who are planning a return to school in a new state-of-normal, can rely on tried and tested practices to support them.

The two-page guide provides a high-level overview of the first part in a series exploring returning to, reimagining, and revamping schools. This short guide utilizes practices from The New School Rules and The New Team Habits, as well as the innovative leadership competencies we've developed by working with thousands of education leaders.

Learn how to use responsive practices to plan your district's return, with a four-step process for examining multiple return scenarios amid uncertainty and unknowns.

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