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Leading Change in Education Through Leadership & Teams

The challenges leaders face today are many - accelerating student progress, dropping in enrollment, staffing cuts, school closures, and staffing shortages to name a few. How well we address these challenges is due in large measure to the effectiveness of our leadership and teams. And research shows that successful teams are dependent on how well they work together.

Charleston County School District (CCSD) leaders have embraced this idea and engaged in building effective teams across their leadership - how they run meetings, manage projects, as well as make and communicate decisions. In other words, they are improving both what they do, and how they do it -- which makes them more efficient and builds their leadership pipeline so that all leaders have a common toolkit to be proactive.

Join us to:

  • Learn the core principles that have guided this district’s investment in leaders
  • Explore the impact on leadership and school culture 
  • Understand the importance and value of responsive leadership in education
  • Discover ways to change the way work happens in your teams, schools, and district


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our presenters

Gayle Morris

Gayle Morris
Director of Leadership Pipeline
Charleston County School District

Anne Rizzo

Anna Rizzo
Design Principal
Education Elements

Briana Cash

Briana Cash
Senior Design Principal
Education Elements