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Join Us for a Back-to-School Webinar Series: Engage & Motivate

Engage & Motivate Webinar Series Registration

As we head back to school to start the 2022-2023 school year, we believe educational leaders must regularly consider the impact of instructional design, organizational strategy, and leadership development. The webinars in this series will go deeper into each of these, as we share frameworks and strategies as well as guidance for individual and collective growth of leaders.

You can sign up for the full series using the form above or choose to sign up for individual webinars listed below. 




August 16th | 15 Questions Every School Survey Should Have: A Beginner's Guide to Surveys

Creating a listening culture starts with systems for engaging your entire school community. Surveys should play a critical role in your listening culture. Surveys allow districts to collect information from a wide range of individuals in a low-effort setting, and gather continuous feedback throughout the process. But bad surveys can do harm. Professional survey writers go to school and study the craft of data collection. So how can school and district leaders make surveys safe enough to try? 

Education Elements and the team behind Tripod surveys have served as data collection experts for schools and districts across the country. Come to this session to hear from Education Elements Partner Corey Ryan, who oversaw surveys in a 40,000-student school district in Austin, Texas, and the shared learning he’ll bring from our survey gurus at Tripod. You’ll leave with a starter kit to launch your own survey program or revamp the surveys you may already be using. 

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September 15th | How to Start Your Year Personalizing Learning: Details in Planning Your First 30 Days

In this webinar you will learn classroom strategies that support a strong start to the school year with Personalized Learning. We will discuss designing a space that supports all learners, building a strong classroom community to start the year and developing shared norms alongside your students. You will leave this session with resources and a planning guide that will support your implementation of the strategies that make the most sense for you and your district.

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September 20th | A Simple Guide to Adopting New Curriculum

Whether you're a district leader preparing for an official textbook adoption cycle or a school leader considering new high-quality instructional materials to meet immediate student and teacher needs, identifying what materials you want to use and how you'll implement them can be overwhelming.

This one hour webinar will focus on practical steps you can take to select materials that meet your unique needs and context.

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September 27th | The Process of Building a Graduate Profile and it's Considerations

In this webinar we will discuss what you should consider when building a learner or graduate profile. You will hear directly from a superintendent, Jesse Harper who has been the Arkport Central School District's superintendent for the last 6 years. Mr. Harper and his team recently completed an eight month comprehensive process in creating a learner profile with this community. We will touch on why this process is important, and what you should plan for throughout the process in order to produce a responsive and relevant learner or graduate profile.

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October 4th | 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a School Survey

The right survey sets up your school, district, or agency as a responsive organization that maximizes the voices of students, staff, parents, and your community. But a bad survey can set your organization backward, causing controversy and creating problems. In this session, learn from Education Elements Partner Corey Ryan, who oversaw surveys in large suburban school districts, as he shares tips and tricks to avoid the wrong survey. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Examples of surveys gone wrong and tips for avoiding those mistakes.
  • Checklist for what to consider for your next survey.

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October 11th | The Key 3 of Teacher Retention: What Leaders Can Do Today to Keep More Teachers Tomorrow

Schools across the country are in crisis as an ever-increasing number of teachers make the decision to leave the classroom. While systemic problems have contributed to this problem, there are also time-tested, concrete strategies anyone that manages a teacher should employ.

Join Education Elements for a look at the Key 3 of Teacher Retention and the enabling systems that will lead to higher teacher retention.

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October 20th | From Thought to Action: 3 Strategies for Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life

You have a good sense of the priority areas your community should focus on for the next few years. How do you now bring these pillars to life? Join Education Elements consultants Samantha and Rani for a discussion about: Crafting the right objectives for your community based on your mission, vision, and priority areas; Finding the right teams for the job; Establishing structures to act on initiatives and keep track of progress

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October 25th | The 7 Best Survey Tools: What to Consider When Making Your Selection

Humans make thousands of decisions every day. When it comes to surveying tools, you need to consider: Data dashboards, User platform and experience, Language options, Accessibility, Question quality, Custom support, Budget, and probably more unique project parameters you don't know about yet.

Thankfully, Education Elements has been supporting school districts with community engagement and listening for more than 10 years. Our team of experts has experienced directly or indirectly several tools available to schools and school districts, and we want to share our knowledge.

In this session, you will learn from Education Elements Partner Corey Ryan as he compares, contrasts, and explains the differences between the best survey tools available to schools and school districts. 

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November 1st | Why Districts Continue to Make the Shift to Personalized Learning

Change is never easy! So what makes a district like Atlanta Public Schools up to the challenge of shifting to Personalized Learning?

Come learn how strategy, support, + student ownership are paving the way for this district to implement and scale nurturing learning environments that honor teachers + center students.

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