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Systems for Educational Equity

so that students and adults can reach their full potential

Address the system not the symptoms: Connect, Include, Create

The equity challenge

At Education Elements, we believe that we must support people in their efforts to close the equity gap by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to change systems and outcomes for their organization. We see educational equity as the recognition that the barriers that marginalized students face are due to deliberate actions and biases and therefore require us to dedicate a greater amount of resources to remove them.

School systems, particularly schools in urban settings, have largely failed to close the equity gap because of our education system's design.  Unfortunately, the awareness of this educational injustice has done very little to uproot these systematic disparities that overwhelmingly impact Black and brown children. As a country, we have begun to look at educational equity to improve achievement and access to opportunity in order to uplift all students, but we have done very little to help the adults responsible for creating equitable environments at the systems level.

We will serve as a guide to creating the practices and protocols, grounded in key levers for equitable design, that will allow you to create the school system that you want to see for all of the people who look to you to make their world a better place.

The solution should be at the system-level

For years, States and Districts have written “equity” into their ESSA and continuous improvement plans; and now they will be expected to include equity in ESSER plans as well.  Yet what equity really looks like in schools is still a challenge we must understand more deeply if we want those plans to go into action. 

We must figure how out how to Connect to the challenge, Include the right people at the table, and Create equitable opportunities in order to design better outcomes for kids. 

At Education Elements, we are a team of seasoned educators, designers, technologists, and change management experts with a proven track record in our work with districts. The diversity of background of our team has given us insights on what some of the most forward-thinking industries are doing and how these proven strategies are paying off for them and will pay off for school districts too. 


Ways Education Elements Can Help You

At Education Elements, we work with over 200 school districts across the country and see the strides school districts are taking to make places where people can truly achieve their education happy place.  To take your district to the next level, the future well being of your district will depend on how equitable your school systems are for all that interact with you.  We will serve as a guide to creating the practices, protocols, and practices that will allow you to create the school system that you want to see for all of the people who look to you to make their world a better place.  

Specifically, we can support: 

  • The development of equity practices, protocols, and procedures
  • Provide executive coaching and thought partnership to systems leaders
  • Systems-level educational equity professional learning opportunities


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