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Distance Learning & Hybrid Learning

A high quality distance learning program is central for academic, social, and community success.

While many schools have brought students back to buildings, many are working remotely with some, or all students this year.

This means that for most, the distance learning program is now central to the academic progress of your students as well as critical to shaping your school and district culture – how students and staff feel, how they connect. Your distance or hybrid learning program should be responsive to the needs of your community, address barriers to success, leverage the new opportunities virtual learning provides, and be sufficiently supportive of students, teachers, principals, and families.

Distance learning and hybrid learning presents new challenges.

We help you to build and execute a successful distance learning or hybrid plan.

  • We start first by understanding how virtual learning is being implemented in classrooms across the district in relation to defined goals, metrics, and a maturity model for implementation.
  • We engage with your stakeholders to assess strengths and capabilities while identifying room for growth.
  • We define a vision and a set of initiatives that prioritize what matters most to your community, creating a communication plan. Initiatives could include support with virtual learning walks, turnkey professional development, designing new staffing models, or help with establishing the hybrid and virtual learning models.
  • And, we help you assess and communicate your progress so that you know when you are achieving your goals, when you need to adjust, and how best to communicate with your constituents.
DL environments require self-directed

How we think about the new opportunities and constraints distance learning introduces

Opportunities and contraints


Ways we are helping districts think about the purposes of their learning walks

Learning walks Weekly instructional model

Watch this Virtual Principal Innovation Session 

How we can help you

We offer four support options for distance and hybrid learning:

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Reach out to talk with us about how we might support you and your teams.

Our approach

Districts and schools are in the process of planning for effective instruction for the 2020-2021 school year, fall is the time when districts and schools are able to substantially highlight and scale best instructional practices and ensure teacher clarity around distance  learning strategies and systems. We believe that as schools and teachers are implementing distance learning with new expectations, skillsets and resources, virtual learning walks are a great way to capture and monitor, then scale the best practices for teaching and learning.

Education Elements uses a methodology for planning and implementation that is grounded in design thinking to ensure every project is personalized to the needs of an individual school. The process is iterative and draws from continuous improvement science to be responsive to the changing needs and context in schools and classrooms.This approach balances the best practices and national perspective that Education Elements brings with the unique strengths and needs of each school and community.

Your district strategy will be stronger if you work with the right partner

Our clients work with us, and refer us to others, for three key reasons:

  1. We are expert facilitators, who engage diverse groups and bring in processes and protocols that drive collaboration, alignment, and action.
  2. We customize our approach based on your unique needs, taking time to learn your context. We never bring in a one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. We get results. We are one of the few education consulting companies that publishes an annual impact report showing how visions and plans translated into results at the district, school, and community level.

Learn More About How We Work With You to Develop Your Distance and Hybrid Learning Program