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Chief Human Resources Officers
Annual Meeting - Albuquerque, NM
February 13-15, 2019

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3 Keys to Creating a More Agile District

Concept Overview:

We have clear goals for student achievement and a good sense of what strong instruction looks like, yet we invest millions of dollars in resources and programs without achieving the anticipated results. We believe districts will continue to miss their goals unless they begin investing in the design of their organization and the development of their people. We can’t push the “work harder” button anymore. There is staff burnout and turnover if we just keep asking for more work. We also can’t push the “get better people” button. There is a significant shortage of teachers and educators coming into the field. Our best lever for change is changing the way we work together to foster better collaboration, communication, and decision-making.

This program is designed to build leaders' knowledge of agile organizations and provide concrete practices for shifting your own leadership practice and organizational design.

Presented in collaboration with Jose Dotres, Chief Human Capital Officer for Miami-Dade Schools, and Tomás Hanna, Chief Human Capital Officer for NYC DOE.





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