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Boldly Reimagining
What Is Possible:
Planning Your Return To School

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

A Guide To Planning Your Return To School

As states and businesses reopen, we know that schools will also reopen. But we cannot return to “business as normal.” We must define a new normal. Many communities have faced unprecedented trauma resulting from direct impacts loss resulting from COVID-19 or the economic insecurity due to job loss. We know that the inequities that already existed have been given a national spotlight. The long-term response and return from this crisis will demand something new from leaders to meet this challenge. 

Download the second part in a series focused on planning your return to school to learn ways that you can center equity, safety, and agility as you Boldly Reimagine What Is Possible. 

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Example Page from the guide with a paper plane swirling around circles of text
Example Page from the guide with large circles encompassing a venn diagram
Example page of the guide including circle charts and text