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ASCD Empower19
Chicago, IL, March 16–18, 2019

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How to Break Old Habits To Create A Better Future

Session Overview:

For decades, education has consumed billions each year for new programs in the hopes of dramatic change. And yet, how we implement those programs is exactly the same; educators continue to work extremely hard, but we rarely change how the organizations operate themselves. How can we better shape our organizations and organizational culture to move our work forward geometrically instead of incrementally? This session will explore six "New School Rules" based on seven years of research on which practices have the biggest effect on how organizations function and how work gets done. The session will provide examples of how other districts are getting it right and provide time for participants to individually reflect on how they can start implementing practices right away.



  • School and District Management 
  • School Culture and Climate 



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Meet the Presenters:


Anthony Kim
CEO and Founder


Keara Mascareñaz
Managing Partner


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