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Education Elements Overview
summit application.pngEducation Elements was founded in 2010 to support schools and districts to design and implement blended and personalized learning. We are a team of seasoned educators, designers, technologists and change management experts with a proven track record in our work with districts. Together, we build and support dynamic school systems so that all learners can thrive now and be ready for life tomorrow.
  • We have worked with hundreds of districts across the country. We bring deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation and the spirit of collaboration with our extensive toolkit of resources and technology to deliver sustainable results.
  • 2017 marks our 3rd annual national Personalized Learning Summit.

How does Education Elements support districts in their move to personalized learning?


What is the Education Elements 2017 PL Summit?
  • Education Elements has been holding our annual Personalized Learning Summit (PL Summit) since 2015.
  • For the first 2 years, the PL Summit was  an invite-only event for our district partners, special guests, and digital content partners.
  • Due to the success of the past PL Summits, the 2017 event will be open to the public!
  • Last year the PL Summit 2016 brought together more than 250 educators and innovators.
    This year, we expect to bring together 500 innovative education leaders representing districts at every stage of their personalized learning journey, from those who pioneered personalized learning to those just getting started, so that everyone can learn from one another, as well as from experts in the field.
  • The goal of the PL Summit is for people to learn from and with each other through workshops, keynotes, networking events, and tech company tours.

When and where is the PL Summit happening this year?
  • This year’s PL Summit will be held at the InterContinental San Francisco May 10-12, 2016.

I’d like to present at the PL Summit. What is the timeline for submitting a proposal?


November 21, 2016: Call for Proposals Opens.
January 7, 2017: Proposal Submission Period Ends.
February 15, 2017: Workshops Announced.

What questions are on the proposal submission form?

Workshop Overview
  • Title of Session
  • Intended Audience
  • Intended Level of Session
  • Workshop Description (150 words or less)
  • Session Objectives (1-3 Bullet Points)
  • Session Format
  • Connection to PL Implementation Framework: ‘Bingo Board’ Squares (connect to 1-3 squares please)
  • What materials will you need for your session? (Include AV needs.)
  • What resources will you be bringing?
Facilitator Information
  • Name of Facilitator
  • Email Address of Facilitator
  • Have you facilitated at a previous Education Elements’ PL Summit?
  • Phone Number
  • Twitter handle
  • Organization
  • Job Title
  • Biography (100 words or less)
  • Prior Speaking Experience
Co-Facilitator Information
  • Names of Co-Facilitator(s)
  • Twitter Handle(s) for Co-Facilitator(s)
  • Contact Information for Co-Facilitator(s)
What types of workshop formats will the PL Summit have this year?
There will be many different workshop formats of varied length at this year’s PL Summit. Learn more about each type of session below:
  • Interactive Workshops (45, 60, 90 min): An interactive workshop with specific takeaways aligned to at least one square on Education Elements’ PL Implementation Framework.
  • Core Four Conversation (45, 60, 90 min): A short presentation with time for conversation and collaboration focused on one area of Education Elements’ Core Four of Personalized Learning.
  • Makerspace (90 min): A hands-on experience showcasing an activity that can be used in classrooms to support personalized learning.
  • Innovative Panel (90 min): A diverse and focused discussion on a topic aligned to at least one square on Education Elements’ PL Implementation Framework, followed by Q&A opportunities.
  • Make & Take (45, 60, 90 min): A workshop focused on a specific instructional strategy from the Education Elements’ Core Four of Personalized Learning or PL Implementation Framework. Participants should walk away with a customized, ready-to-use resource.
  • Debate (60 min): A constructive, moderated debate between opposing viewpoints, followed by audience Q&A.
  • Tech Tool Exploration (30 min): A mini workshop focused on teaching participants 1-2 EdTech tools to support personalized learning.
  • Engaging Tips & Tricks (30 min): An experiential session where participants learn fun, new facilitation strategies including energizers, brain breaks, or team building activities.

What makes a workshop effective?
Successful workshops in previous PL Summits have had the following features:
  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Concrete takeaways
  • Connections and relationship building

How long should my session be?
It depends on the content and format of your session!
    • Workshops this year are 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes long
    • Shorter workshops facilitate quick dives into new topics and ignite conversations
    • Longer workshops incorporate hands-on elements and more in-depth conversations

Who attends the PL Summit?
  • Innovators in the field of personalized learning at all stages of implementation including
      • Pioneering Educators
      • School-Site Leaders
      • District Leaders (including superintendents, CAOs, CTOs)
      • EdTech Enthusiasts
      • Innovative Organizations
      • Thought Leaders

What neat benefits will I receive as a facilitator?
  • Free conference registration
  • Access to all PL Summit events
  • Education Elements’ Bring Your Own Thoughts blog post spotlight
  • Terrific networking opportunities

What is the timeline?

What? When?

Call for workshop proposals is open - submit a proposal!
You will have 6 weeks to do this. See above to learn how to increase your chances.

November 21, 2016 - January 7, 2017
All the speakers will be notified as to whether or not they were accepted. If accepted, this notification will also include the date and time for their session Early February
Accepted speakers will be asked to sign the speaker's agreement and to fill out a form with their logistical needs [room layout, AV, supplies… etc) Late February
PL Summit workshops webinar March 1, 2017
First draft of presentations due March 24, 2017
Presentation feedback period April 2, 2017 - April 17, 2017
Final presentation due May 08, 2017
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