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PL Summit 2017 was AMAZING, and it was all because of YOU!

The 3rd annual Personalized Learning Summit was full of powerful professional development, inspiration, idea-sharing, story-telling and friends.

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Highlights and Fun Facts:

3rd annual NATIONAL Personalized Learning Summit
Went from 150 attendees in 2015 (in San Jose) to around 250 in 2016 to more than 500 this year with a 125 person wait list
Attendees come from 38 states and 2 countries outside of the US
NY and CA tied for being the largest audience in attendance.  
75% of attendees work in a school district
50% hold leadership roles in their school or district
17 tech tours
46 workshops (selected out of more than 200 applicants)  

Keynote Speakers

Kaya Henderson Former Chancellor of DC Public Schools

A lifelong educator, Kaya Henderson recently concluded her tenure as the Chancellor of DC Public Schools where she served from 2010-2016. Prior to DCPS, Kaya worked at the New Teacher Project, Teach for America and as a middle school Spanish teacher.

Kaya is actively involved in a number of community and professional organizations including: Aspen Institute Board of Trustees, College Board Board of Trustees, International Women’s Foundation, Chair of the Board of Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC), Pahara Aspen Fellowship, Surge Institute Board of Directors, EdNavigator Board of Directors, and Teach For All Global Advisory Council.

Kaya answered questions ranging from how she turned the tide in DCPS to her thoughts on a certain new Secretary of Education. From Kaya, we learned about the importance of equity, how to build up your teachers, and how to make a school system which was losing students each year become a place where parents want to send their students. Kaya was in it to win it, and win it she did.

Brad Montague
Brad Montague Creator of Kid President

Brad Montague is an award-winning writer and director working to creatively communicate hope to children of all ages. He is creator of Kid President, which began its life online and has grown into a New York Times bestselling book, television series, and movement for good among families, children, and classrooms around the world.

As a writer, he has appeared in many publications including Time, Parent Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. He and his work have been featured on CNN, Fox News, BBC, NPR, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the New York Times - just to name a few. Additionally, he was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for his work bringing positivity and diversity to children’s media.

Brad brought his messages of a joyful rebellion to the room. He shared videos, stories, and life lessons about hope and how together grownups and kids can make the world a better place.

Ray A. Owens, Ph.D. Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church of Tulsa

Dr. Ray A. Owens is the Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church of Tulsa, OK.  In addition to his parish work, Dr. Owens serves as the Affiliate Assistant Professor of Ethics and Black Church Studies at the Phillips Theological Seminary.  He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Met Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate the development of high performing schools in the north Tulsa community.  

Dr. Ray had us on our feet singing, had shared his deepest secrets about group projects, and taught us all that sometimes you need to shout Amen!

Lily Hall and Brian
Lilly Hall and Brian Alvarenga-Molina An Elementary School Student and a High School Student

Lily (4th grade) and Brian (9th grade) talked about life before, with, and after personalized learning. We heard about why they liked it, what made it hard, and how it changed what school meant to each of them. Sometimes we talk about what’s good for kids without including them in the conversation and hearing from these students grounded us in the fact that we make these changes to our school systems because while, difficult to do, the impact is positive and significant.


6 different workshop categories that helped customize the attendees  learning experience:


District-focused workshops: systems and strategies that you can use to support PL across your district
School-focused workshops: strategies for supporting PL in your school
Classroom-focused workshops: practices you can use in your PL classroom


Getting Started: for schools and districts planning for or just starting to implement PL
Developing: for schools and districts 1-3 years into implementing PL
Going Deep: for schools and districts 3+ years into implementing PL

You still can see the entire program here.

Awards and recognition


“We Did It Our Way” - Wayne Finger Lakes and Erie 2 BOCES
“Schools on Fire”-  Charleston County School District
“The Pioneer” - Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District
“Small But Mighty” -  Marion Central School District 

Tech Companies We are Grateful To:

Amazing innovative companies hosted our guests for tech tours. Thank you to all of:

Autodesk . Coffee Meets Bagel . GoodData . Google . IDEO . Indiegogo . Internet Archive . Lumosity . Lyft  . Macy's . Salesforce . Stitchfix . The Teachers Guild . Twitter . ValassisDigital  . Visa . WeWork .

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We work hard... and We play hard


We welcome members of the press that want to learn more about personalized learning from the districts that are shining examples of how to do it right. Please contact yosr@edelements.com for information, and check out the PL Summit press release.  


Enjoy the fun!

 Download the Personalized Learning Summit Song

Power Up! a song about the power of personalized learning
By Andy Austin
[Youtube video here]


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