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a history of personalized learning: the Education Elements perspective

  • KIPP Empower Tries 3 Station Rotation

    "Responding to a call from Michael Horn, Anthony Kim works with KIPP Empower in LA to design a new classroom model that would increase effective instructional time through the integration of digital content. Students moved from 9%-98% proficiency."

  • 2010
  • "With a small team and a big idea to create classrooms that inspire teaching and learning, Education Elements incorporates."

    Education Elements Becomes Official
  • Seed Series Funding Round

    Education Elements raises $2.1M in seed funding.

  • Charter Schools Start Going Blended

    "Education Elements starts the hard work of supporting charters that want to go blended. Michael Thompson, one of the first employees, spends his summer in LA and at Mission Dolores buying computers and setting up the computer lab to be school-start ready."

  • Team of 10

  • 2011
  • "Kusha and Jane create a new system for a school in 2 months while engineering works quickly to build it. Anthony and Kawai argue about the color on ppt slides. The team starts to grow within the small Tugboat Incubator where everyone moved their car every 2 hours."

    Humble Begininngs in an Incubator
  • Education Elements raises $6.4M in Series A funding.

    Series A Funding Round
  • Team of 20

  • A New and Bigger Home Office

    "The team moves to 999 Skyway where everyone can watch planes take off and has to build their own furniture if they want a place to sit."

  • 2012
  • 4.png
    Team of 30
  • "Anthony Kim is recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year by NewSchools Venture Fund at their annual summit."

    Entrepreneur of the Year
  • To better support our schools the Tech and Edu teams merge and becomes Design and Implementation, a name so long that it quickly became D&I (and is now often just DI).

    D&I becomes D&I
  • First Big District Deal

    Middletown, NY, a Race to the Top Winner, signs our first big deal.

  • 2013
  • "Education Elements supports 13 districts and 3 states with their blended learning initiatives."

    Public Schools Are Going Blended
  • Series B Funding Round

    Education Elements raises $5.5M in Series B funding

  • The HLMS Becomes Highlight

    "Formerly called the HLMS, our personalized learning platform gets both an upgrade in functionality as well as a new name"

  • Team of 40

  • 2014
  • "After gaining weight on the road due to so much travel, Anthony becomes a healthnut and not only drops all the weight and more but also starts doing triathalons and getting the Ed Elements team involved."

    Anthony and Team Compete in the First Blended Learning Warriors Triathalon
  • "With a great year of working with districts behind it, Ed Elements analyzes NWEA test results across several districts and reports 154% increase in Reading and 125% increase in Math. Results this good are unprecedented and prove blended learning works."

    The First Impact Analysis is Published
  • The Personalized Learning Playbook is Published

    "Aimed at changing hearts and minds, Anthony writes and publishes his first book, the Personalized Learning Playbook, as an easy-to-read guide to why we should all personalize learning and why we can’t wait. The book is a huge hit, with some school districts ordering nearly 1000 copies"

  • The Second Impact Analysis is Published

    "Districts that have been doing blended learning for more than one year show it gets better every year, students show growth 4 to 5 times higher than the year before."

  • Michael Horn Joins the Ed Elements Board

    "Years after helping Education Elements get its start, Michael Horn, author of Disrupting Class and Blended, joins the Education Elements board after stepping down from his role as head of the Christensen Institute."

  • 2015
  • "Education Elements hosts its first national summit with leaders from across the country. Combining school visits, tech company visits, keynotes, workshops and a fun party, the event is a huge success."

    200 Leaders Head to the First Personalized Learning Summit
  • "For the first time Ed Elements meets and exceeds our original bookings target, growing 2X from 2014."

    Ed Elements Grows by 2X
  • "After ups and downs, a tremendous amount of learning and many successful district partnerships, Education Elements turns 5!"

    Education Elements Turns Five