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Anthony Kim - OWNER

 Discussion Topic 3:  On page 9, I start with the question "What is personalized learning and why does it matter?"



All educators want better outcomes but why is personalized learning relevant in the pursuit of student outcomes?


Robyn Lynn This is an awesome example of CCSS. I appreciated that the students were able to work on aproject that was meaningful to them as individuals. Passion for a subject generates motivation. Great work! 

Thanks for sharing


Anthony Kim - OWNER

Discussion Topic 6: What is the the future of teaching and what does the classroom look like? On page 32, I talk about different tech tools and where they fit on Bloom's.


Here is a short 2 minute video by Bloomberg showing an example of a class using a rotational model and multiple types of technology to support the instruction.


Nancy Allen-Mastro I am worried about the future of teaching. Teachers are tired, and it's no wonder.  They are working harder than the students!  This needs to change, or we will not attract people to the profession.  Did anyone see this article about Millenials turning away from teaching?  (See link below.)  Personalizing learning holds the potential to motivate people to go into teaching for the great profession it is.