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Ray Rozycki, Executive Advisor

I began my professional education career as a lead teacher of high school mathematics in South Fayette Township. I was honored to be recognized for my work as a mathematics teacher and it led to my advancements as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh. From there I became a director of instruction and instructional technology at the PA Cyber Charter School.

My success in public education quickly led me into the private sector where I could take my knowledge and have a great impact across the United States.  I started as the Chief Academic Officer at Provost Systems with my colleague Anthony Kim and then served at Chief Officer of Digital Education and SVP Virtual Education for the next years.  I thoroughly enjoyed managing the operations for the virtual schools, designing instructional and assessment platforms and developing formative assessments and eCourses.

Since 2014 I have enjoyed my work here at Education Elements.  It allows me to successfully accomplish one of my core beliefs in education...equity.  I strongly believe that every student deserves optimal learning opportunities for their individual learning needs.


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Ray Rozycki, Managing Partner Photo  Ray Rozycki, Managing Partner Photo  Ray Rozycki, Managing Partner Photo  

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