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For Leaders, By Leaders Issue 2016-3

Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by personalized learning leaders for personalized learning leaders. In this issue learn from a world champion, an author and a superintendent. Enjoy!

Beyond Disrupting Class

By Michael B. Horn, Co-author of Blended and Disrupting Class and Board Member of Education Elements


When we published Disrupting Class in 2008, we had no idea what it would help unleash.

As Gisele Huff, executive director of the Jaquelin Hume Foundation, observed recently, the book served as a vehicle to change the dialogue in education from school improvement to transforming schools through innovation. Innovation in our schools is so critical that we can personalize learning for each student’s distinct needs such that each and every student fulfills his or her fullest potential.

The national dialogue has changed since 2008 in substantial ways. Read more.


Creating an Entrepreneur’s Mindset through a Personalized Learning Approach

By Gabe Soumakian, retired Superintendent, founder of Sup Du Jour Consulting Group


It seems like everyone’s priority in education is to become a 1:1 district with ubiquitous access to technology and internet connectivity both at school and home. The new E-Rate program will certainly move us in that direction, and the new Every Student Success Act (ESSA) should provide guidance and accountability. But will all this make a difference, and are we using the proper approach to prepare our next generation of learners? 

Often when I speak with educators, their measure of success for being technology-driven is if they have been able to provide students with devices. In fact, too much emphasis is placed on which device to purchase when the conversation should be device agnostic and more centered on the technology infrastructure and connectivity. Living in this panacea may transform our students as 21st century learners, but that is not enough. Read more.


Peak Me!

By Dananjaya Hettiarachichi, 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking


How do I stay ahead of the game consistently and constantly?

This question is probably the most frequently asked question by those that are operating at their peak in any profession. Though there are many books, a lot of advice and much research conducted about human development and personal growth, very little has been published or discussed on how or what we need to do to sustain peak performance levels. This article is for those that are at the top of their game and wondering NOT about how to get from good to great, but rather about how to remain great. Read more.


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