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Feb 2019 Leaders NL

Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by personalized learning leaders, for personalized learning leaders. In this issue, learn from a chief education evangelist, a research fellow, a CEO and author, and two chief human capital officers. Enjoy!


Don’t Look Now, but the 21st Century is Behind You!

Don't Look Now But the 21st Century is Behind You!-min-1-1

By Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google

Five years ago, our team partnered with the Economist Group to conduct a study where we asked business and industry leaders around the world, what were the most critical skills they wanted their employees to possess. When I show the results of the study on a slide, I warn my audience that the most fascinating thing about the list is that it’s not fascinating at all.



The Greatest Challenge to School Innovation

The Greatest Challenge to School Innovation-1

By Thomas Arnett, Senior Research Fellow in Education for the Christensen Institute

When school leaders want to bring innovative practices to classrooms, what's the greatest challenge that stands in their way? Lack of funding? Inadequate in-house expertise? According to the most recent SpeakUp survey, 46% of administrators point to one key factor above most others: teacher motivation.



3 Keys to Creating a More Agile School District

3 Keys 180

By Anthony Kim, CEO of Education Elements; José Dotres, Chief Human Capital Officer of Miami-Dade Public Schools; and Tomás Hanna, Chief Human Capital Officer of New York City Schools

In 2012, Google began studying how workers can transform productivity by examining the perfect team. They scrutinized everything from how often they socialize together, to how regularly they communicate, to their personal backgrounds. Like many organizations, Google believed that putting the best people together would create the highest level of productivity. However, no matter what data they collected, they didn’t see any consistent patterns.



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