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Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by personalized learning leaders, for personalized learning leaders. In this issue, learn from an author and national speaker, a district superintendent, and a leadership expert and EE board member. Enjoy!


The New School Rules Leadership Institute

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The Leadership Institute is a 2-day event, designed for education leaders who want to improve how their teams collaborate, make decisions, and achieve their goals. We know there is a better way for school and district teams to meet, function, and make decisions, and that the changes we make to processes can lead to better academic results, greater teacher retention, and more thriving school systems.

Denver, Colorado - December 6-7, 2018



We Call Them Leaders Because They Go First

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By George Couros, teaching, learning, and leadership consultant, and author of The Innovator's Mindset

If Blockbuster was still around today, and you had to take out your life savings and invest in that company or Netflix, which one would you choose?

The answer is obvious.

But what about five years ago? Ten years ago?



Transforming the System to Fit the Student

Sean Dusek Small Leaders NL Image.jpg

By Sean Dusek, Superintendent Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD)

The superintendent holds a lonely, yet transcendent position in public education. The position tends to isolate the leader because of the growing divisions in our society. We all know that every decision we make will make someone unhappy. It also provides the opportunity for a superintendent to make extraordinary progress in how to prepare our students for their future. In my experience, it is critical to break out of the dogma of the “Superman Leader” and provide as many leadership opportunities as possible for those who work with our students every day.



Evergreen Leadership

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By Dave Whorton, CEO and Founder, The Tugboat Group

Through my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of exceptional leaders in the private sector, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and in the public sector, including Ted Mitchell, Former CEO of Newschools Venture Fund.  My father, Leonard, was a dedicated, hardworking city manager and county administrator.




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