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For Leaders, By Leaders Issue 2017-5

Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by personalized learning leaders for personalized learning leaders. In this issue learn from a district superintendent, an author and a leadership advisor. Enjoy!


De-risking Innovation
By Michael B. Horn  


Personalizing learning for all students to help each and everyone fulfill their potential requires that schools innovate—and not just once, but repeatedly. Yet innovating when children are involved and the odds are uncertain can feel risky and unwise.

At the same time, not innovating in our schools also carries huge risks that are increasingly well known.

So what is a school leader to do?

Fortunately we don’t have to choose between two risky endeavors. There is a way to de-risk the innovation process: discovery-driven planning. Read more. 


3 Ways to Get Millennials to Teach
By Anthony Kim


What millennials want in a workplace has already become the stuff of clichés. Beanbag chairs, beer on tap and a smorgasbord of free lunch options.

However, many of their requests don't seem all that shallow or unreasonable. They crave flexible hours, and plenty of feedback from their bosses. In fact, they want it all, and they want to feel creatively stimulated while they do it. It's a brave new world for today's 20-something workers.

Unfortunately, my industry – education – is falling far short of the ideal millennial workplace. I'd argue that today's schoolroom environment is the antithesis of the new, modern, flexible workplace environment that millennials want. And it's hurting us. Read more.


Implementing Personalized Learning? Here’s How to Get Your Teachers Excited About Change
By Ross Kasun


As a leader in a school system today, it can be difficult to make the choice to move forward with a district-wide change, knowing that the team around you may not fully endorse your decision. For me, the implementation of personalized learning across Freehold Township Schools was a move that I knew would require all hands on-deck – it was the best decision for our students, and our teachers were going to be the ones making major changes to their lessons. Because of this, I made sure to include many teachers in the process from the start – building excitement and early buy-in for the work. This is how I made change happen – and it’s how you can, too. Read more.


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