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David Irwin, Executive Advisor

My career can best be summed up with one word, “Purpose.” Finding purpose in work has served me well when selecting career opportunities. I had the privilege to serve as an aide to Giuliani administration while working for the MTA. I helped lead the startup of the Twin Towers Fund that raised and distributed $216 million to the uniformed personnel killed on 9/11.

I was introduced to public education while working at KPMG in their government practice and supporting administrative transformations in public k-12. In 2009 I found my passion while working at Gartner and serving multiple government and education clients. I learned that school can be different and that I can help change teaching and learning. For almost eight years I led and grew Gartner’s K-12 education practice leading major teaching and learning transformations at some of the largest school districts in the United States. I am proud to have been recently elected to the Madison, NJ Board of Education where I can combine my passion for my work and my family.

I am honored to be part of Education Elements and continuing the work I have started over eight years ago.  I am confident we will become the premier consultancy helping school systems solve the most challenging problems today and in the future.

It is more important today than ever that public education is ready to meet the demands of ever-changing global economy. As a product of public education, I am dedicated to transforming education for our students of today and tomorrow.


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