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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

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Blended Learning  |  Curriculum Strategy & Adoption  |  Personalized Learning

Selecting Digital Content for Your School: A How-To Guide

As a learning organization, we are always improving and iterating  School leaders often ask us: “How do I select the right content for my blended classroom?” To help answer this question, we’ve developed an infographic and guide to "Selecting Curriculum to Support Personalized Learning".

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Classrooms  |  Competency-Based Education  |  Curriculum Strategy & Adoption  |  Personalized Learning  |  Teachers

The Core 4 Elements of Personalized Learning

In some ways, creating a successful personalized learning classroom is similar to winning a basketball game. To give us direction, my high school basketball coach consistently focused on three key areas, which he called the Big Three:

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Blog Feature

Curriculum Strategy & Adoption  |  Personalized Learning

Strange Bedfellows: The Marriage of Personalized Learning and High-Quality Curriculum

Unexpected pairings are a common feature throughout history and culture; Dharma and Greg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia, Frog and Toad, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Opposites attract when they have a shared purpose and their strengths complement one another. They can approach problems with a greater set of ideas and a broader range of perspectives. At first glance, personalized learning and high-quality curriculum may seem like opposing movements. However, they both aim to deepen student learning and approach that task with a variety of strategies that, when paired, are a powerful set of tools.

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Curriculum Strategy & Adoption  |  School Districts

Want to Build a Successful Curriculum Blueprint? Here's Our Recipe

Sometimes I wish I were more like my mom. There are many reasons why, but many times it’s because I wish I were a great cook. I used to watch her in the kitchen just glance at a picture of a dish from a cookbook, then create that without ever having to follow the step-by-step recipe that was next to the picture. It was like watching a magic show.

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Curriculum Strategy & Adoption  |  Innovative Leadership  |  Personalized Learning

Critical Questions to Ask When Building a Life-Changing Curriculum Process

Yes, I said it in my title. Life-changing. Am I exaggerating? Maybe a little. But as a former teacher, I met too many students who “hated (insert any subject here)” because they thought their textbook, worksheet, or homework material was boring, too difficult, or did not make sense to them. I also met too many fellow teachers who thought their curriculum was simply their textbooks (which they often didn’t like), and no more. For these students and teachers, learning and teaching was not a fun experience because their “curriculum” was horrible. Think about turning these people around and instilling joy in them through the right curriculum. Oh the things they will learn and teach! Isn’t that a life-changing possibility? 

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Blog Feature

Classrooms  |  Curriculum Strategy & Adoption

What Exactly Is Curriculum?

I recall one distinct shocking moment as a new teacher. It was when a mentor teacher was onboarding me. She walked me to my classroom, opened a cabinet door rather proudly, showed me two shelves filled with textbooks and supplementary materials (worksheets, assessment guides, etc.) and said, “This is your 6th grade math curriculum.”

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